Choosing to charter a private yacht in Aruba can be a great way to spend a vacation days. When compared to group charters, one of the main benefits of your own private yacht rental is being able to plan the entire trip according to what your friends, family, and yourself would like to do. There is a lot to do on Aruba’s waters, so whether you or your captain chooses the itinerary, it’ll be a great time for the whole family.

If this is the beginning of your trip then you will arrive at the port for your designated time and meet with the captain to board. The contents of your day will largely depend on the plan you set with your captain beforehand, and will vary from charter to charter. Be sure to talk to your captain to ensure your day is exactly what you want!

A Day on the Ariani

On the Ariani private boat for example, you will have the opportunity to choose from some of the best things Aruba has to offer. This includes going snorkeling at Aruba’s coral reefs to explore the ocean habitat and exotic marine life. Another activity to consider is going on a trip to one of Aruba’s beaches. Aruba has some of the most stunning beaches in the world – many not often accessed by tourists – which you’ll discover on your trip.

If going swimming in the water isn’t something you’re interested in, you may prefer to spend some time trying your luck at catching some of the fish that you are able to find in Aruba. The Ariani Private boat offers bottom fishing with provided sport fishing equipment as part of a charter. For anyone who loves to fish, this Caribbean fishing experience will be one of a kind, searching for the exotic marine life native to Aruba’s waters. If you happen to catch anything you’d like to eat, the crew will scale and otherwise prepare the fish for you to be able to cook for dinner. They say the best tasting fish is the one you caught yourself!

Spending a day on a luxury boat can be a great chance to explore Aruba and see everything it has to offer without being stuck with a group. If you plan to vacation in Aruba in the near future it can be a great way for you and your family to spend a day.

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