You’ve probably seen your fair share of sunsets, but have you ever watched one from the water? While every sunset is beautiful, you’ll never forget an Aruba sunset on the horizon.

There’s a reason we’re called “One Happy Island” – on top of our unique wildlife, variety of outdoor activities, and exceptional year-round weather, we’re also lucky to have one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll find in the Caribbean. Our clear sight lines over the water allow an uninterrupted view of the sunset from just about anywhere on the coast. But, it’s even better from the water on your own private charter.

What to Expect on an Ariani Private Sunset Ride in Aruba

At Natasha’s Sport Fishing, our Ariani boat allows families, friends, and couples to experience their own private sunset ride in Aruba. Whether you’d prefer to spend the whole day on the water before settling down for the sunset or just want a shorter sightseeing tour before the sun goes down, our sunset rides are sure to be a great time.

When you step aboard the Ariani luxury cruising boat, the possibilities are endless. Helmed by Captain Cedric, you’ll cruise around the beautiful waters surrounding Aruba visiting popular snorkeling and diving spots, sightseeing around the island, checking out some of the best fishing in Aruba, and overall having a great time. The best part? You don’t have to share the trip with other guests. It is perfect for intimate dates, family-friendly trips, or just having fun with friends.

The Ariani does more than just drive you around the ocean. It is fully equipped for landlubbers and water-dwellers alike. For the drier folks, there are 2 cabins with a TV and video system as well as 2 bathrooms to wash off in. For the swimmers, the Ariani is equipped with snorkeling and fishing equipment you can use plus a fish finder so you don’t end up empty handed. Finally, if you’re looking for something even more thrilling, a jet ski can be rented from the back of the boat so you can explore the sea on your own.

Don’t Miss Out – Book Your Sunset Ride in Aruba Today

The beautiful Aruba sunset isn’t something to miss out on. While you can see the sunset from just about anywhere, the view from your own private boat on the water is breathtaking. Whether you’re a couple or a family, you’ll have a memorable night on the Ariani.

The Ariani is available for 4, 6, and 8-hour chartering trips for up to 6 people at a flat rate (jet ski not included), with the ability to add more guests for an additional fee. If you’re looking for a private sunset ride in Aruba, consider booking a half day or all-day trip to enjoy the twilight hours of the night.

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