With all the beautiful beaches, reefs to explore, and other fun things to do in Aruba, it’s easy to forget about one of Aruba’s premiere attractions – deep sea fishing.

Aruba is home to a variety of exotic fish – including some that only live in tropical climates – making it great for new fishermen and fisherwomen who want to see something different than they see at home. However, if you want to try your hand at wrangling some tropical fish like the Blue Marlin, fishing off the shore won’t cut it.

A private boat charter in Aruba is the best way to find all the fishing hotspots around the island. Secure a charter on the Natasha with your family and friends for a unique fishing experience you won’t soon forget.

What the Natasha Offers

The Natasha is our flagship luxury boat, spanning 42 feet long with all the accommodations you could ask for. Our affordable private boat charter ensures you have the safest journey possible in the hands of our expert staff for the best deep sea fishing experience possible.

To start, Captain Cedric has more than 25 years of experience fishing in the Caribbean. In addition to ensuring everyone is able to enjoy fishing safely – regardless of skill level – he can also use the Natasha’s fish finder and his personal experience to point you towards the best fishing locations in Aruba. You’ll find Blue Marlin, Dolphins, Yellowfin Tuna, and more.

The 42’ Natasha also includes an elevated cockpit, so the entirety of the ship can be used to fish off of, ensuring nobody gets their lines tangled. You’ll be able to fish right next to friends or find a bit of quiet by yourself – whatever your preference.

If not everyone in your party feels like fishing or you just want a break, the Natasha is equipped with 2 cabins, a galley, and a full bathroom so you can relax and be comfortable during your trip.

Book a Day on the Natasha

Chartering the Natasha is fun for the whole family that won’t break the bank. You can choose to book her for ½ day, ¾ day, or full-day trips for up to 6 people (add more for an additional charge). You can also choose the 10-hour Blue Marlin expedition – a unique fishing experience going after some of the largest fish in the Caribbean all day and into the night.

No matter what kind of fishing adventure you’re looking for, the Natasha is your #1 choice for the best deep sea fishing in Aruba.